Hello all,

Regular readers may have noticed a few things:

1.)  Where the hell have I been?

2.)  What happened to all your old blog posts???

First, I have been extremely busy this past wedding season.  Although I find it very easy to pop a quick status update to my Facebook Page, putting together blog posts has fallen by the wayside.

Second, of my 50+ blog posts over the past several years, I’ve decided to remove all but a few.  Why?  Well, I have grown as a baker, decorator and writer.  Some of my older work is just that – old, and some of those really old posts are, well, really old and really suckie.  Others are poorly written and I had a lot of content nobody cares about – not even me.  And honestly, some of my opinions have changed since writing some of those posts.  I have finally discovered who Beyond Buttercream really is – and who I want my online persona to be.  And such is the glory of the internet – I can change it just by hitting that little ‘delete’ button.

Don’t fear… I get a lot of traffic here for my white cake recipe and my Swiss meringue recipe tutorial, so I’ve kept those up for now, and the posts that I have been linked to by other really big awesome blogs also stay up.  But you’ll be happy to know I plan on updating my white cake and my SMBC posts to include alterations and adjustments made by you, my readers, and consolidating your comments and questions so new people will no longer have to read thru hundreds of comments to find answers.

I have a lot of cakes in the oven, so to speak, and lots of upcoming plans for 2013 that I will be sharing with you, including more recipes, tutorials, and even some videos – with much higher production values then me and my crappy point-and-shoot have ever been able to capture in the past (not Craftsy, but I wish!).

More to come soon kids!  In the meantime, happy baking!