As many of you know, I have pulled down my extremely popular cake recipe and would like to sell it.  I gave been getting a ton of emails asking when I’m selling it and essentially to hurry the hell up!

Hahahaha I know, right?

Except I’m out of my depth here.  First I have no idea how to sell something online, and second, I have no idea how much to price it at.  I mean, the original was posted in 2010, and countless hours went into perfecting it and coming up with all the variations.  So how much is that worth?

So you tell me… how much would YOU pay for this recipe?

3 different scenarios – Lets say how much would you pay for just the recipe, pay for the 24 variations, then pay for both?

Or I could go another way … asking for a donation if you use the recipe and love it.  But what if that backfires and nobody donates?   What are your thoughts?

This is not a monetized blog.  There are no ads or pop ups.  But if I go the route of asking for donations, that’s the logical next step.

Please post in the comments below!

UPDATE 2/8:   In the midst of working on this, my entire hard drive died.  DEAD.   So it put me behind with everything.  Also, I don’t have a Paypal account so opening one has made me want to blow my brains out especially trying to do it from my ipad.  I have a loaner laptop and thank god everything I need to finish this project I have a back up of.  Right now I’m 15 pages with 25 variations with FAQs and color photos of the actual cake variation that I make.  So I’m starting to call this my novella 😀  I promise this IS my top priority but if I sell ANYTHING I’m all about making sure it’s perfect and that YOU will be happy with it.