Cake Artist Jennifer Bratko established her original cake studio, From Scratch, SF in 2009, winning multiple competitions including several 1st place wins at Iron Cupcake, SF, as well as being crowned “Best Bay Area Cupcake” at Vino Moda’s Cupcake Wars. Wanting to hone in more on her love of making wedding cakes, From Scratch, SF has evolved into her more specialized cake studio, Beyond Buttercream.
Growing up in Southern California, Jennifer was a nosy, precocious child that could never manage to stay out of Mom’s way in the kitchen. At the age of 7, Jennifer insisted on making her own birthday cake, refusing any help from anyone and throwing a big tantrum if anyone dared step foot in the kitchen. The family expected her to make a box of cake mix like any small child would, but Jennifer surprised everyone by making a chocolate cake from scratch using the recipe off the back of the can of cocoa powder. And even more surprising… it was delicious. From that point on, Jennifer became the official go-to person for all family cakes, cookies, pies and various other pastries.


Jennifer has come a long way since making her 7th birthday cake. She has dedicated herself to the science of baking and has spent countless hours perfecting her skills penning over 50 original mouth-watering recipes using only the purest and highest quality ingredients. From her moist Madagascar vanilla bean cake to the sinfully rich Guittard’s Devil’s Food cake all topped with her signature Swiss meringue buttercream, making the flavor and texture of all her cakes taste as beautiful as they look is her passion as well as her obsession.